Effectiveness of an innovative damping device in reducing shotgun recoil

Riccardo Monzoni1 ,Francesco Lucertini1, Barbara Lonzi2, Michele Aluigi2, Francesco Mari2, Loredana Banci2, Marco Vignaroli2, Ario Federici1 1Department of Biomolecular Sciences – Division of Exercise and Health Sciences, University of Urbino Carlo Continue Reading →

Performance does not differ between official and simulated archery competitions

Recent studies found physiological and psychometric differences, in elite basketball1 and jiu-jitsu2 athletes, between simulated (SC) and official competitions (OC). Archery is a sport characterized by only one automated technical skill3 that lasts just few seconds, thus … Continue Reading →

Coach Shotgun D-level ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation)

Grazie al corso di formazione per istruttori D-level organizzato dalla ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) tenutosi a Massa Martana (PG) – Italy, sono riuscito a diventare istruttore per lo sport Continue Reading →